Episode 7

Mutual Aid with Michelle Carrera

Published on: 24th August, 2022

Michelle Carrera, founder of Chilis on Wheels and Casa Vegana de la Communidad talks about the radical practice of mutual aid and the big question of what we can do from where we are with what we have.

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About the Podcast

In Context with pattrice jones
Conversations about social and environmental justice and animal liberation
In Context with pattrice jones at is a bi-weekly half hour talk show that looks at timely questions facing animal advocates within the broader ecosystem of ideas about social and environmental justice.

Each show features pattrice introducing a topic by way of one of the animals at VINE before inviting a featured guest into a free-flowing discussion about their own work on the topic at hand.

The podcast comes to you from VINE Sanctuary, an LGBT-led farmed animal sanctuary in Vermont that works for social and environmental justice as well as for animal liberation.